Fifth Grade Resources

Science Resources  

Landforms/Weathering & Erosion




  (Has a good interactive game to review examples of solids, liquids, gases)

Plants and Animals/Classification

Constructive and Destructive Processes

Includes links to numerous good Web sites.


Social Studies Resources

Civil War


World War I

Industrial Revolution/Transcontinental Railroad/Immigration

Contains a tremendous amount of information, including photos and maps, about the industrial revolution, the railroad, and immigration.

This Web site is connected to the PBS program about the Transcontinental Railroad.  It includes a wealth of information, including written documents detailing first-hand accounts of the building of the railroad, photos,and links to other Web sites.


This is a great site filled with wonderful information and photos.

You can search your family name on this site.


Click on Old West and 20th Century to find Documents.

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